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Macclesfield Motorcycles Accident Management


If you’ve been in an accident then get in touch with us. We have lots of experience with all aspects of accident recovery, bike loan and insurance claims. WE CAN HELP !

  • We can collect your damaged bike, repair it and store it securely if awaiting parts or insurance go-ahead.
  • We can get you a loan bike until your bike is repaired
  • Your clothing and kits can also be claimed for
  • We can help you manage the claim with the third party
  • If you require injury compensation then we can assist here too

Contact us on: 01625 574 846 or email us: sales@maccclesfieldmotorcycles.com


What to do in case of an accident

  1. Stay at the scene if you think that the accident has caused injury, damage to your bike or belongings.
  2. Call 999 or 112 if anyone is injured or there is a debris or hazard to other road users.
  3. Make sure all engines are off and put hazard lights on and alert any other traffic
  4. Stay calm and factual. Carry a few business cards with you that show your name and address to save time.
  5. Note down other drivers details such as name, address, phone number and reg number / make and model of other vehicles
  6. Take photos with your mobile phone if possible
  7. If the Police are called then note down incident number
  8. When you return home, write down all events as they will be fresh in your mind. recall what was said, word for word.
  9. Notify your insurance company whether it was your fault or not (you must do this)

Contact us on: 01625 574 846 or email us: sales@macclesfieldmotorcycles.com

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    Macclesfield Motorcycles

    Suite G6
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    TEL: 01625 574846